More than 40% of all the food produced in the world gets wasted due to lack of labor, storage, refrigeration, transportation and connectivity with people in need.


Food Discovery App Increasing access to fresh foods for all with a real time information app about availability and price of perishable food locally. It is estimated that over 40% of all food produced (worth $165 billion) is wasted in the US when millions of people go hungry. We connect consumers and providers with an aim to reduce food waste and promote healthy eating


Supermarkets and groceries have to throw away a lot of consumable fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, dairy, deli and bakery items as they expire. Farmers and ordinary people have excess fruits & vegetables that are grown on farms or backyards which are not picked or are rejected by stores These items can be sold at cheaper price or donated using our real time Foods Pulse App which connects consumers to providers Connect Food banks and Soup Kitchens to farms, supermarkets, groceries and needy Customers in real time to increase efficiency. Shoppers can request shopping and delivery help and small producers can request labor help for farm picking also using Food Pulse app


Benefits - Sell at Cheaper Price - Donate Excess Food

People can avoid throwing away good food items. • Supermarkets, Groceries & Farmers Markets can reduce waste by providing fresh food at cheaper price for items about to expire. • They can increase sales with real time information about availability and price provided to shoppers • 


Donate Food

Food kitchens & Food banks and ordinary people are always looking for free or cheap food to support financially disadvantaged people all over the world. Our aim is to build a platform for individuals, farms, groceries, supermarkets, restaurants, caterers to post details about availability of food for donation or selling at cheaper price. 


Food Kitchens & Food Banks can sign up and post their requirements on our platform.

Individuals can also sign up and post their food requirements and their location information so that we can match them with available supplies based on locations.



Consumers create an account and a wish list of food items they regularly buy, with maximum desired price. • Supermarkets, grocers, farmers and consumers can post deals on food items with details and pictures with location, date, time and quantity available. • We match the offers from providers and special deals and send real time notification to consumers. • Consumers can pick up the items themselves or get them delivered through existing food shopping programs.


The Issues

There is a real time communication gap about fresh food availability and price (also info on free items) from providers to consumers. • Food Pulse app aims to increase availability of fresh and healthy food for lower income people. • Food donations and Community organizations can use Food Pulse to channel food donations to reach the needy people. • The app will help consumers to track their shopping and food inventory at home and reduce waste. Procedure 7 • Mobile App & website where needy consumers can register with list of essential items needed with location information (mobile # and or email). • Food Providers can register and connect to the inventory system of food items and matching consumers. • Share a Deal system for providers and consumers to broadcast offers instantly with price, picture, location & availability information. • Intimation system about deals and prices to send out notices to matching consumers


Users of the Program

Thrifty Shoppers Including Food Stamp Recipients • FinanciallyChallenged Families • Food Pantries & Soup Kitchens • Restaurants & Food Processors • Independent chefs and food trucks & carts • Charity Organizations Providers 9 • Supermarkets • Groceries • Farms & Local Growers • Food Wholesalers • Restaurants & Food Kitchens • Bakeries • Food Charities • Families Providers 10 • 



Provide Social Karma to Providers (points & badges) and showcase them on the website and the app. • Provide nutrition information & Recipes to consumers educating about healthy eating habits. • Provide Consumers volunteering opportunity information which can get them points and free items. • Encourage consumers to help each other for shopping, pickup & delivery so that the providers will not be overwhelmed by these special consumers.


Project Plan

Mobile App Design and coding (IOS & Android) • Full website with local offers, News, Recipes, etc. • Web service to connect Mobile Apps to Website • Create procedures to ‘qualify’ consumers • Marketing - Educating and signing up Providers to publish daily deals. • Reach out to Consumers via stores & community organizations • Promote daily deals on Social Media



This model will increase access to fresh food for middle class & lower income people and households. • With a functioning model more providers will want to participate. • Building & expanding upon the existing community distribution networks for cheap and free food infrastructure. • We plan to learn more about the challenges food providers face; legal, food safety regulations, wholesale, distribution, transportation, storage, dispensing, inventory management and tech support and consumers issues on transportation, storage, cooking 


Business Model

We plan to make the app free for consumers. • Supermarkets, Groceries & Farmers Markets will use the app free for 3 months and we plan to charge a monthly subscription and a small charge for each deal shared by them. • Advertising from food companies will be placed on our websites. • Monthly fee for small growers (homeowners) who want to sell their products using our app.


Project Applications


IOS & Android Apps • Users : Shoppers, Stores, Farms, Charity • Product Lists with Photos & price • Daily Deal with GPS info • Wish Lists of Food Items • Shared Shopping Lists • Pantry Lists to manage food • Stores & Farms profiles • Food Charities profiles • Recipes for healthy eating • Food News & Alerts




Thomas (Tom) Vellaringattu Tom is a trained chef in Indian cooking, having studied at the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, in Chennai (formerly Madras), India. Even though Tom later took up computer programming, his passion for food led him to start a spice blend company ‘Spice N Flavor’ in New York in 1997. In 1998 he quit his Systems Analyst job at Smith Barney to pursue his food business. Now he is using his experience to create Food Pulse to make real time information on perishable food availability and price with an app and website with an aim to reduce food waste and promote healthy eating. Ph: 516 655 4317 tomvell@gmail.com San Jose, CA 



Binu T. Meledom, Mumbai, India


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