Posted: Sat,18 Jul 2020 04:22:14 GMT
To provide a brief gloss: A lot of produce will last longer in a cool, dark, well-ventilated, and not- too-dry environment. The fridge, while cool and dark, is not well ventilated and very dehydrating. There are still some things that are better off refrigerated, like produce that was already refrigerated at the store (there’s no going back, unfortunately), vegetables that have been cut open, and fruit that has ripened but you are not ready to eat. Here’s a general list to follow based on commercial agriculture industry standards. If your home is reasonably cool, or you have a spot in your basement or garage for a root cellar set up you can get away with a bit more out of the fridge than this list lets on. But if you don’t have central air, or if your kitchen tends to get quite hot, these guidelines are a good map to follow.
Of course, you can’t just dump all of your fruits and vegetables all over the counter. They need thoughtful storage solutions. Plus, keeping your produce on the countertop might mean you’re less likely to forget about it in the depths of your crisper drawer. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite storage methods for keeping produce fresh outside of the refrigerator:
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