Keto 6tm There are cases when a person begins to train for weight loss, but at the same time gaining even more weight. This is how the body's defense mechanism works, which is necessary for maintaining balance. They began to spend more - supply more, these are the rules of homeostasis. Therefore, training for weight loss will be effective only when controlling nutrition, at least at the minimum level. It is not necessary to follow complex diets, count calories, etc. It is enough to eat at least as before, no more and no less - exactly the same amount. Only in this case, your workout will be effective in the context of losing weight. Training for weight loss is not a specific set of exercises or training program. This is a complex of actions and total physical activity, the choice of which depends on individual preferences and possibilities. In terms of weight loss, the type of training does not play a significant role, because our task is to spend calories. The variety of modern diets can surprise even an experienced slimming. You can choose a power scheme from a whole thousand options, where everyone will be different from the previous one. Of course, with such open space, the newcomer is simply lost in the noise of information. So what kind of diet for weight loss to choose? Today we will talk about the agony of choice and the arguments in favor of certain power schemes. What is a diet? Before you choose any diet, you must give a strict definition of this term in order to discard all pseudo-diets and charlatan nutrition methods. Diet in modern man is mistakenly associated with tough restrictions, with hunger and in general with discomfort. Dietitians in the United States have been trying to eradicate this erroneous stereotype for 6 years in a row, but as we can see, this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Diet is a power scheme that implies control over nutrition. This may be the prohibition of any product, food groups, a certain meal time and other nuances.
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