Rosewood Professional playing Zheng
Tian Yun Rosewood Professional surface Zheng, select the finest Rosewood wood for the main materials, meticulously hewing system. Adhering to the "Avenue to Jane" concept, the preservation of Rosewood "true", implicit and introverted, tone treble clear pure, rich and colorful, bass full of transparent.
"Material and Craft"
Red sandalwood is the ten tan nine empty, the largest red sandalwood wood diameter is only about centimeters, to eight hundred or nine hundred years or even thousands of years to be able to grow, its precious degree can imagine, ancient for the Royal Special Timber.
"Main part Configuration"
Premium Lankao Tong Wood Panel
Refined Acid Branch wooden Zheng Code by hand
German imports of steel wire strings
High precision piano chord shaft
ABS high strength synthetic chord eyeCustomized woog guzheng