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When we think of the tour of North-East India, the mind gradually pulls towards the green hills with evergreen pine trees, shady mountains of snow and rocky terrain, increasing rapidly to reach the plains Waterfalls, singing colored Himalayan birds in their melodious tunes, sliding rivers, beautiful and scenic lakes, sightseeing spots and many other magnetization. Indeed, North East India is an amazingly beautiful part of India and mountainous station in most of the places, which provides visitors an amazing opportunity to enjoy intimate time between late natural beauty with families, friends and lovers. Some of the top tour destinations of package to North East India are listed below: Darjeeling Darjeeling is a beautiful hill city and globally known for its charm and its charm of sights and scenery of scenic landmarks globally. It is a spacious and well-organized tea garden, a tourist attraction, and a spectacular toy that glorifies the crown of Darjeeling, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which caters to the heart of tourists who travel and travel comes from the corner of the world. Here you can enjoy lots of shopping, especially in the local cuisine of Momo, as well as experience the rich culture and traditions that come here in the festival season. Darjeeling's beautiful beauty provides wonderful destinations to treasure the remarkable experience to enjoy holiday. Sikkim Sikkim is also a beautiful hill station in Northeast India. It is very beautiful in Darjeeling and therefore enjoying Darjeeling Sikkim tourism to explore tourists and places to travel to nature and tourist places to make tour to remember tourists often. To see and see some of the top tourist attractions in Sikkim, the Paimyantse Mutt, Sangechauli Matha, Dabbi Monastery, Toshing Monastery, Khepplari Lake, Tsogo Lake and Rumeka Math are there. Apart from these, there are many other tourist spots which are also important for travel and exploration. Enjoy a tour of foreign villages here, as well as to see the beautiful green evergreen pine trees trees and much more to see. Come and revive your senses with the magnificent splendor of nature and the charm of Sikkim and always withdraw the remarkable experience in your life. In addition to these two great sights, visitors can also enjoy the visit of Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. It is very popular for its excursions, monasteries and adventure trails and keeps tourists busy during their Gangtok tours on North Eastern India tour. Some of the attractions of this beautiful capital city of Sikkim are the Himalayan Zoological Park, Maenam Hill, Ganesh Tok, Khecheopori Lake and Piyangts Monastery. Surely the delightful atmosphere, happy and friendly people, well-organized law and order and pleasant climatic conditions of this beautiful Gangtok will be made unforgettable and memorable for your visit to http://www.incredibleindiatour.net Therefore, a tailor made book was created in the north east India tour package and finds the glory of these wonderful places in a delightful and memorable way. Surely you will enjoy a remarkable experience for life and treasure.

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