by on December 7, 2018
For Destiny and Diablo 4, such job advertisements have already been without consequences (up to now) - but on the Westport of Blade and Soul, it had been well worth keeping your ears about the MapleStory 2 Mesos railroad tracks.
This time, Nexon is looking for the "Production Manager" on her already running Maple Story 2 in Asia. The job is at El Seguna, California. So they're signs of a potential port. Maple Story 2 has been around the Maplestory M Mesos market in South Korea since July 2015 - perhaps not really a mainstream blockbuster, however its predecessor Maple Story, with cuddly looks and also a focus on social gaming, certainly have their fans, who could be happy in the event you could brings the successor to your West.More than the task advertisement is not offered at the moment.At
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