by on November 9, 2018
Shifting sides. The Bengals contain the ball for that Steelers three-yard line, down by four points with two seconds remaining. Which Steelers defender can make the sport-winning stop?
Bet you'll imagine I'm gonna say Jarvis Jones.
Troy Polamalu is one while using best goal line defenders within the history on the sport. I prefer to believe he's usually capable of read run and react with the pass. Find a spot and earn a play concerning the ball inside the middle of region of.
Reality can there be's little chance Cincinnati isn't throwing a fade to A.J. Green - unclear why you'd anything that's at all else there. Green's gotten the best with all the Steelers' defensive backs inside the past when he's an entirely freak, but Ike Taylor can create a play or two more than a fade throw. He's tall, long and physical. Tough to get those plays consistently over the farmer like him. Links:
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