by on November 8, 2018
Highly suggested.KMST created a few changes whose purpose will be to prevent people while using one Maple Story 2 Mesos skill to learn (or boss).Things like adding cooldowns or necessitating charge-up, effectively altering the playstyle of courses that employed to rely over a single maplestory skill.
And I can not help but ask: why necessary? Some may claim that spamming one maplestory skill the whole day is boring. So? Play one of those in case you find the one-key classes dull. People who select the monotonous classes, presumably appreciate that playstyle.
Some might declare that relying upon an individual maplestory skill is lazy. Provided that spamming one ability on class A isn't getting you any benefit rewards than varying abilities on class B (regarding maplestory2 DPS or some different), why not let idle people be idle?
Ultimately, you have the dilemma of keyweighting. If you'll be able to spam one maplestory ability daily, a rock could take action for you. However, due to this, there are many other options, like forcing movement after some volume of strikes. The game already has that, it merely must make sure all abilities are limited by doing this. There's not any have to force people into playstyles they do not enjoy, only to reduce cheating.
Bottom line: Attempting to force exactly the same alternating-skill playstyle on all courses will probably alienate a massive portion of the overall game's players. I believe who's's an oversight.
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