by on November 2, 2018
Carlos Holmes is high in regards to the Bengals secondary -- and honestly, I am also. However, I'm significantly less sure the secondary help in keeping Eli Manning along together with the Giants passing game in balance. Especially with David Jones starting and Johnathan Joseph watching.
The prospect on the items the Bengals offense are able to do (not works), keeps the Giants pass defense focused because while using talent on this team. Linebacker Danny Clark said: "You won't catch me saying they're bad. I look for your players. The unit isn't playing well, in case your truth is Carson Palmer around the roster and Ocho Cinco in regards to the roster, you've definitely got an opportunity to open up your vision because those guys can beat you bad."
Jerome Simpson, when he patiently awaits his first NFL reception. "I have two great veterans before me (Chad Ocho Cinco and T. J. Houshmandzadeh), plus they're helping me I feel more comfortable everyday, so I'm making improvements. I'm trying being more precise in this particular little routes. I'm just anticipating my number to get called."
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