by on October 30, 2018
Two moments from EA's E3 2018 media briefing saddled with me long afterwards I left the blazing heat of Los Angeles.
The first was EA's dramatic Champions League trophy reveal, close up and personal because it was for me personally as I sat inside tiny chairs squeezed in the Hollywood Palladium's mosh pit. It forced me to gasp. I knew a comment about FIFA 19 Coins finally obtaining the Champions League after many years of exclusivity on PES was coming (thanks, old-school Dutch commentator who clearly doesn't know what an NDA is). But being a football fan, seeing your Champions League trophy within touching distance had the hairs for the back of my neck performing a merry dance.
The second was EA boss Andrew Wilson's closing remarks, which I've struggled to shake because, well, I'm not gonna pull any punches here - they stank of hypocrisy.
Wilson spoke with what he - what EA - hoped those watching would take away through the company's media briefing, which included gameplay reveals for anything from BioWare's Anthem into a crowd-displeasing Command & Conquer mobile game. At
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