by on October 11, 2018
In Vietnam, FIFA Online 2 has also been taught by VTC at the Sports and Recreation Department of HCMC University of Physical Education and Sports. Students at the Department of Recreation and Sports are also the first Vietnamese to Buy FIFA 19 Coins train the knowledge of eSports. Of course, there are 90 eSports classes. Students will learn about basic concepts, how to play, training skills and the organization of eSports tournaments. And the high possibility of choosing in the eSport game that VED owns, FiFa Online 3 will be selected to become the first game titles taught in our country.
Talking about the FIFA Online 3 game, this is a game developed by EA and Nexon, released a few years ago. In 2013, NPH VED of Vietnam has brought FIFA Online 3 to gamers community to replace FIFA Online 2 of VTC before. As a passionate football fan community, it is not difficult to understand why FIFA Online 3 is growing in S country. After 3 years of development, FIFA Online 3 has become the number one football game. in Vietnam with a large community probably behind only the League of Legends players.At
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