by on September 18, 2018
That same source told Polygon so it feels like “people can post these videos and acquire away by it without any penalty,” but YouTube said the organization removes numerous videos on account of spam every 3 months, using machine learning systems. This content articles are often removed for reasons that violate the corporation’s relation to use, not the specific content or behavior inside the video.
The question is exactly what type of content constitutes spams and scams inside the minds of content reviewers, and exactly how does that relate for the thousands of Fortnite videos promising free V-Bucks?
One example comes at a public Trusted Flagger, who goes merely by Ben. Ben called on Twitter and Reddit one of essentially the most notorious scammers on April 25: Fortnite Legendary, the account behind an advertisement that frequently operates on YouTube videos. A YouTube representative reached seem to Ben via Twitter and said the c's was looking into your situation. Fortnite Legendary’s original video was eventually removed for violating YouTube’s relation to service, following Ben’s report.
But adjusted April 29, Fortnite Legendary’s infamous ad is in people’s feeds. Links:
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