by on September 14, 2018
Since joining the Blues in 2012, Cahill has been playing for Chelsea for the seventh season. His past experience has also made a great contribution to the Blues, following the team to win a Champions League and two Premier League titles. However, Cahill's playing time began to drop sharply last season, from 36 games in the previous season to 24 games, in addition to 3 substitutes, once Cahill was worried about whether he was selected for Buy FIFA 19 Coins the Summer World Cup because of his playing time. The list, and now it seems to be getting worse, Cahill has become less and less important in the future of the Blues.
However, Cahill did not have to worry about not being able to find a home. The London Club, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Fulham all wanted to join Cahill. In addition, Newcastle and Wolves also hope to get this defense leader
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