by on September 14, 2018
Following about the somewhat telling breadcrumbs that any of us've been reporting for many years now – including job offers and English voice and music samples -, Nexon just announced the English MapleStory 2 release throughout the first-ever MapleFest in North America.
With a state English MapleStory 2 announcement comes the closed beta date. In fact, you will not have to wait a long time, as Nexon is definitely launching the beta on May 9 and ending on May 16. It's a mere week but must be enough to provide a nice taste in the game. Sign-ups are simply open from April 14 until May 6, so stop dawdling. The client will probably be available for download on May 7.
Despite being the English release, Nexon is serving the overall game in several territories all within the world. Besides North America and Europe, players from the 3 regions from Africa, South and Central America, even Australia are capable of play MapleStory 2. Not bad considering how all people like to whine about Nexon as being a fan of IP-Block.
By now, maybe you know what MapleStory 2 is centered on. This will be the sequel to one in the most renowned MMORPGs available which is still going strong and attempts to put a fresh, isometric twist inside the cute characters and diverse gameplay. You can battle, enjoy friends in a number of minigames, construct your dream house and many more.
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