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Always pick up Bounties
This here is the Resource Center. You will go here often; it’s where you pick up Bounties. These are easy goals (hunt one large monster, do two quests in the Ancient Forest, gather plants five times, that kind of thing) that you will passively complete while getting on with the game. Every time you fulfill a Bounty you’ll get Armor Spheres, which upgrade your armor. They’re really useful. Make sure you go back to the Resource Center every few quests to make sure you have a full slate of Bounties.
Know the difference between quests and expeditions
Quests are time-limited missions with a fixed goal: hunt a monster, gather something, or kill a number of smaller creatures. mafia games free, They usually allow you 50 minutes and three deaths before you fail. There are Mafia City quests, which further the story, and always involve hunting a big creature. Optional quests, which you pick up from characters back at base, unlock new ingredients for the canteen, new gadgets, and that kind of thing.
Expeditions are not time-limited—you just head out into one of the environments and explore. You can do whatever you like: hunt whatever big monster is hanging around, find new base camps, or gather plants, fish, and ores for crafting. Investigations are optional goals for your expeditions that offer better rewards than just tooling around. You pick these up from the Resource Center (see above).
Farm monsters
So, you’ve just conquered an Anjanath and now you want a full set of Anjanath armor. You can’t repeat story quests in Mafia city, so what do you do? Have a look at your Optional missions and see which ones send you out to hunt Anjanath. Browse through the available Investigations at the Resource Centre, and you’ll definitely find one involving Anjanath. Or just go on an Expedition and find one yourself; this is the worst option, though, as you won’t get bonus rewards. Finally, you can fight any monster in the Arena, which you can access from the Gathering Hall at the top of the base.
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