by on May 16, 2019
We know this represents a big change from the current early activity, and that’s why we’re promising these kinds of:
You’ll be able to freely dismiss these tasks. The masters among you who’d choose to start a new account will quickly realize that utilising your game practical experience will be more beneficial than anything.
Any rewards will be recent items already found in-game ui.
Equipment rewards given to no cost players will never be best-in-slot. Devices rewards given to members can be best-in-slot, but will only be presented for the highest tasks.
Merchandise rewards will be both untradeable and unalchable.
The tasks in addition to rewards won’t be available to get Iron accounts. We would not want to disrupt the early online game meta for restricted addresses.
We’re not looking over and above level 20 for expertise, we have no intention regarding overly dictating an account’s journey.
Any interface adjustments will remain tonally correct regarding Old School.
What's Next?
Trying to keep new players engaged with all the game is one of our best priorities, and while we want to possibly be agile with our changes, most of us aren’t going to rush almost any decisions. We’ll ensure that most of us continue talking to you, experiencing your feedback and developing on your ideas. Growing the city is very important, but we want to still do it. Please do let us know your opinions, and we'd love to hear any ideas you may have.
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