by on May 15, 2019
The open beta is to be run in two stages, the first will mark the end of the closed beta and a wipe of all those accounts. Nothing will pass from the closed beta into the open beta except for accumulated experience which will be converted into in-game tokens, representing the currency accrued by all players as they play. This exchange will allow seasoned players to purchase equipment ahead of the new rookies. The second phase will introduce credits, a currency players can buy with the in-game tokens.
More and more planes have been added to the roster over the year, beefing up the content and preparing the game for its final launch. Players can now log on, pick a plane and get moving through the wild blue yonder as World of Warplanes celebrates its official release. Originally announced back in 2011, World of Warplanes has had a long, steady trip down the runway. The game finally took off into beta in 2012, updating with a new flight mode and spruced up graphics earlier this year.
World of Warplanes boasts over 100 different American, Russian, Japanese, German and British planes, which have seen over 200 million combat flights during beta those are some big numbers. Not googolplex big, but still impressive. We are always open to criticism, Kislyi said. What we did in this case, it was my decision. I literally reshuffled the whole World of Tanks team. Developer and publisher. Before that it was extremely Belarusian-centric team, which was headquartered in Minsk. They didn't even speak very good English. What we realized is that probably there are some limitations that old team had, so I brought in new people.
World of Warplanes has a new look, a new control system and a new flight model. The last two of these are by far the most welcome. Trying to find a control system that worked for the mouse and keyboard, but that also offered a flight sim feel without compromising on accessibility, has been a real hurdle for the team, explains Belozerov. Flight mechanics has been the most challenging part of the development process so far. We've learnt a lot trying to pull off the middle ground between casual and hardcore, he says. The flight model and UI had to be easy enough to grasp for a broad range of players, while the gameplay had to be dynamic and authentic enough to really satisfy hardcore flight-simmers.
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