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May 1967 – The May ’67 issue can be found in good ol’ Burke’s Iron and Metal garage. You’ll want to head inside and look for the tool bench in the far corner. The Playboy is just on top.
September 1968 – For this one, you’ll need to look for the two-story warehouse in Pointe Verdun. It’s got a gate with a blank sign just over it. Jump over the gate and head inside. Climb up the stairs to the second level and you’ll find the Playboy magazine on top of the filing cabinets by the window.
These are all of the magazines to find in Pointe Verdun. Up next are all the Playboy magazine locations for Barclay Mills.
September 1963 – You’re heading to the West side of Barclay mills here to where the shanty-looking town is. If you look at your map, you’ll see the houses in columns. The top house on the column furthest to the right is where you’ll want to head. Pull the lock and pick the Playboy up off the table.
November 1963 – Again, it’s best to look at your map first and pick out the long meandering road that cuts through the middle of this district. Where there is a large bend in the road, you’ll find houses just to the South of it. You want to head to the second one in from the right on your map. Head onto the decking at the back of the house and find the Playboy next to the chair.
January 1964 – For this one, head to the East side of Barclay Mills and look for a Red Craft warehouse. To the right of this is a smaller open warehouse. Head inside and about half way back the Playboy magazine is on a wooden table.
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