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This was noted on the Steam page for the game, however, they made a huge page on the TERA primary website which goes into even further detail about what is changing and how things will operate from now on.Be sure to check out the complete Enchanting and Upgrading guide through the link near the top of the page, it's filled with advice, and tips and tricks which are helpful to you in this new system.
For Enchanting items (that will give them fresh strengths and possibly abilities), you need to have the item in your stock ahead. Once you do, you put the thing in the slot provided, and you'll be shown several matters.A lot of you like to produce your mmogo characters seem as cool as possible. Well, then why don't you get a prize for your imagination? TERA is having an awesome contest going on right now which may peak your curiosity. The contest is all about showing off your character, and when he seems cool enough you'll get awesome benefits, a TERA mug plus a Gameforge coupon of 10$.
Key among them is going to be everything you will need to be able to really upgrade the product, as you may need raw materials. Furthermore, you'll have the ability to see exactly what's going to occur when you update it, all of the stats and boosts that item will capture, which way you won't think that it's random possibility that certain things updated, it is a set stat.This is a good opportunity for everyone, much like a character customization system as good as the one in TERA, it would make sense that everyone took their time to create their own perfect character. So, why don't you show him or her off and get awarded for it? Take your guy/gal into the most beautiful area in the sport and take some screenshots.
It should be mentioned that just because you everything you need so as to Enchant your product, does not mean that you'll have a 100% success rate. In reality, that will only apply to the very first update. After that, there will be a danger of collapse. But if you do fail, your achievement rate for the second time will go up.Display your cool pose, a funny scene, as long as it's interesting, and then ship it. Top three screenshots get an official TERA Europe mug, and the best fifteen screenshots buy a Gameforge voucher of 10 euros. We will just show you the principles from the website down below so that you know what you ought to do.
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