by on October 24, 2017
Does your kid want to master his Volleyball game? Are you looking for the best Volleyball coaches around? Well do not fret, because iQuriouskids is at your kid’s rescue. Our systematic approach to skills acquisition is the real reason behind producing some of the best volleyball prodigies. We are solely focused on developing your kid’s volleyball skills and prepare him/her to play at a higher level. The volleyball experts/coaches show the kids the most effective and efficient paths to better their skills, techniques and understanding of the game and its rules. Our training sessions focus on developing your kid’s overall game by promoting individualised technique training which includes serving, passing, setting, hitting and defense, along with some teamwork concepts.
So, if your goal is to help your kid achieve the next level of volleyball performance for high school team or upcoming future, then get them in the best Volleyball Camp in Houston. Get in touch with us at OR call us at +1 346 217 1345.
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