by on June 5, 2018
Although, KMS might have no issue with CFG (Chinese Gold Farmers), since they're spending their time farming and promoting golds online (World-Trading), also it is possible to track down them, but chances are that gamers are only trading to each other could be either funding for other accounts, or real trading. Also, GMS and KMS does not have difficulty with real-world trading since people can buy NX cash in-game (chances are you can get tricked, so trust is a variable)
Solution to cut back hackers/botters from GMS:It needed to embrace the system that Blizzard has, because you are providing real identity and they can basically banned you for real (Literally get prohibited in their server for actual). Make the exact method as KMS; the risk of having SSN convicted and convicted identity is quite full of US/Canada/Mexico, so therefore some might disagree with this.