by on April 15, 2019
So, how would you invest the cash that Bethesda would expect you to? Let's be true, you might not believe Bethesda is going to give away a game that is free and not expect some kind of payment in some way or another? If they had been that kind of company, every special edition of fallout 76 would have had the picture (rather than nylon) bag that they claimed was buy ESOM Gold part of the edition.Shadow of War was one of The Elder Scrolls Bladess that folks were so angry about because there were micro trades inside. I had no problem with it. I have never spent any money on it, however I didn't have a problem with them offering things for players to buy inside either.the term"pay to win" is kinda a misconception. If you invest money you don't win. It makes it easier by letting you bypass the. However. By bypassing all the grinding. Where's the fun? Because in my eyes, especially in games in which you level up, would be to acquire gear as you slowly get stronger. Not bypass everything and have.
Might just be me though.using extreme metaphors which are completely missing the point of this argument show how much you really don't comprehend the principal purpose. Yeah you are eligible to whine but that doesn't mean it's not absurd and pointless. There's seems to be the main point of folks bitching about matches with microtransaction as they. Warframe, Fortnite, and Apex Legends are free to play that nobody says anything. Regardless it is a version of game which won't dissapear because its profitable (at no cost as it's not pay to triumph ).
Look I must be honest I really like The Elder Scrolls Blades but folks can you simply chill out a bit there has been such a huge despise train on Bethesda and now they release a free promising mobile game also it's micro trades and everybody goes batshit chill it is just a cell game it has a problem I get it but it seems we all just love to focus on the problems instead of just love what we got.You can get things without torso and to get great items yes you need chests but you also can get jewels without paying or you could wait for your chest remember it is still early access I have been progressing pretty well without money and getting stone and chests or just casually awaiting them.
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