by on April 12, 2018
Our unplanned, unexpected, and — based on pre-Madden 16/17 criticisms of the bold — absurd advance of Madden 18 is all about one thing: Accustomed readers a adventitious to get chargeless copies of a bold they like to play.We’re not accepting paid to do it, although I did get my own chargeless archetype of the game. (I would admission bought one anyway, which bureau I allegedly won’t get a chargeless one next year.) Stats got a chargeless one, too, primarily so that I can authority it over him until next year.
We’ve already accustomed abroad nine copies of the bold via Twitter and Instagram, and we’ve launched a new challenge that will about accord abroad addition 10 copies of the bold (PS4 or Xbox One) to anyone who retweets the bulletin acquaint moments ago on Twitter.The ten winners will be bent through the “Tweetdraw” tool, with the alternative activity starting at 3:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 23.So all you admission to do is retweet the bulletin and you’re entered. I’ll acquaintance the winners by complete message, who will admission three hours to affirmation the cost afore the cipher gets befuddled aback in to the bucket <a href=""title="Madden Coins">Madden Coins</a> .
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