by on March 15, 2019
Research: In Research encounters, the ball player encounters an underground research lab where Syndicate scientists rush to destroy evidence from the research they can be performing. You must make an effort to stop them and attempt to Buy POE Currency capture the Syndicate member who runs the lab.
Intervention: After some time, the Immortal Syndicate Intervention arm will demonstrate an interest in you together with send assassins so that you can disrupt your investigation. They can come anytime - you could be inside middle of your boss fight once they appear.
Safehouses would be the loot pinatas of Betrayal. Once enough details about a particular form of safe property is determined, players can tackle the denizens along with the boss within it, culminating with all the looting of the personal quarters. It makes your brain giddy to contemplate the phat lewt that are going to be found there!at
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