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It boils down to what type of tank you want to get. Paladin incorporates a better armor set in case you’re aiming to go for style, in addition to they can heal themselves (yet others) if things get too hectic. On the opposite hand, Warrior can soak blows like nobody’s business and it is more of your brute force type class that will arguably do more damage than its immediate competition. It’s more of any traditional tank vs a supporting tank fight here, but I would recommend Gladiator (Paladin) to Buy FFXIV Gil kick things off. Healers: Like tanks, you will find three healers, but one locked off inside the Heavensward area. The difference is always that there’s really one healer job until level 30. Conjurer, which transforms into White Mage, is simply that, with Arcanist as a possible offensive-magic DPS class that eventually evolves into Scholar. If you’re trying to get directly into a healer, Conjurer is the best only choice, plus my personal opinion, the most effective options. White Mage and Scholar have fairly different play styles, with White Mage being mostly brute force healing and regen, and Scholar all about summoning a fairy to do a whole lot of your bidding. Scholar is equipped with a fantastic damage mitigator down the line, as well as is the very best for adding DPS to some battle you should definitely healing, but it really relies too heavily on Aetherflow, which often can turn against you when you’re wanting too much healing. On the positive side, this will be the only class in the experience where leveling up Scholar may also level up a DPS class, Summoner, and vice versa. It’s a far more complicated class to experiment with, but not like Astrologian. This is that you consider much afterwards in the experience, and possibly the most fun to experience as. It’s slightly harder to acquire your head around in the beginning, since it requires that you go into a unique magical stances and memorize cards (as well as shifting decks), but once you recognize it and acquire used with it, it’s the most chaotically entertaining jobs to experience as inside the entire game. At:
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