by on February 16, 2019
Exotic new mythical animals will offer an even larger challenge, both if capturing or sacrificing them. Contrary to their normal counterparts, these beasts have completely new skills that hit much tougher than Path of Exile players might anticipate, and they will not submit to capture nearly as readily.
Taking the opportunity to hunt down creatures with strong mods will pay off, however. In 1 example, Wilson explains just how to capture two critters with the Corrupted Blood modifier (which causes bleeding upon killing or hitting the monster), you can battle them in the stadium and their Corrupted Blood modifier will essentially behave like a Vaal Orb that Path of Exile players would ordinarily utilize while crafting.
Unlike the Vaal Orb, which corrupts items but has a chance to affect them corrupting an item with Corrupted Blood creatures does not have the exact same negative side effects. For veteran Path of Exile players, that gap is huge. There is a drawback, but in that should you don't kill your four animals in the stadium, they'll be set free and you're going to lose your chance to acquire the crafted item.
Wilson states that there's dozens of new recipes Path of Exile players may discover, and Bestiary will be instantly accessible to new Path of Exile players. Unique monsters within the first few moments will have valuable recipes associated with them that will help Path of Exile players craft exceptionally useful early-POE sport items, like boots with a motion speed modifier.
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