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Social Pulse

  • Mission

SocialPulse.com is a social networking site to connect people globally who like to collaborate and collect information about various topics with text, photos, videos, blogs, podcast, links and comments to create a human edited knowledge base. It also helps individuals to document their worthy actions (editorials, volunteering, etc.) and build social capital which can help them to find jobs, admission to good schools & colleges, political life, etc.

There will be two types of users on SocialPulse.com - Editors and ordinary users seeting information.

  • Vision

There is so much knowledge scattered over various websites and online platforms. Search engines provide the information in a way they deem fit to show and what you see daily can change. The idea is to manually collect good information from various forms as links to text, websites,photos, blogs, videos, podcasts and wikipedia and create a central location to save and expandinformation for all to use.

  • Plan

The plan is to start with SocialPulse.com website and start creating various sections on countries, cities, food, cooking, people, health, travel, education, science,climate, global warming, housing, culture, music, films, politics, etc. Later create moblile apps for IOS (Apple) and Android (Google) platforms and connect the www.socialpulse.com website to the apps. Your comments & suggestions are welcome through the feedback section of the socialpuls.com website.

Thank you
Thomas Vellaringattu, Founder
Binu Meledom, Co-founder